Pinterest Challenge: Spring Wreath

What’s that, another wreath from Shaina?  Yep, apparently I am a glutton for craft punishment.  Even the Hubs asked me if I was ok when I started making this one, thankfully this one isn’t nearly as time consuming as my Winter Wreath.  For my Pinterest Challenge, I actually combined a couple of pins that I saw to make this wreath, mostly because I realized how much time I have and what my craft limits are.  I used this blog tutorial for the jute base and then this tutorial for the felt flowers.

For this wreath I used the same large wreath form from Michaels (with a coupon, seriously they even scanned it off my phone!).  I have checked other craft stores, and I cannot find a large round wreath form, so I just used another rectangular one.

-Wreath form
-2 rolls jute twine
-Felt (whatever colors you like, you only need a sheet of each)
-Wooden Letter
-Hot glue

Optional Items:
-Ribbon or spraypaint (explained below)
-Push Pins

Since my wreath form was white and the jute doesn’t cover perfectly, I decided to use up some old ribbon from my wedding (yes, from 2008, don’t judge) to wrap the form first.  I just pinned the ribbon and went all the way around.  I didn’t have the best luck with the ribbon staying put, so I would actually suggest you take your wreath form outside, buy a $3 can of cheap spraypaint and spray your form instead.

Then start with your jute.  I just hot glued the first strand and started wrapping.  *If you use a rectangular form like I did, you will need to overlap your twine about every other wrap on the bottom.  Since the top is wider than the bottom, some overlap needs to occur so the twin stays with a straight angle.  (Speaking from experience of ripping it out the first time after I was a quarter of the way done.)

I used about 1 1/4 rolls of jute.  When I was transitioning from one roll to the next, I laid the new strand perpendicular to the wraps and wrapped it in and then just started with it once the old was done.  When I started with the new, I just overlapped the old for a couple wraps, and it stayed.  You can always add a dab of hot glue to secure.  When I had finished wrapping, I hot glued the last strand of the jute.  The wrapping process took me just a couple nights of watching tv for a hour or so and wrapping.

Then onto making the felt flowers.  I already had the white on hand from my other wreath and picked up a pretty green and dark pink at the store.  I followed the directions to the letter.  Cut 2″ wide strips of felt.  Then hot glue the long ends to form a tube.  Then I just snipped every 1/2″ or so.

Start rolling the felt into a “flower” and I put a bit of hot glue every layer or so. The large flower is 3 tubes of felt, the green and pink flowers are 2 tubes, and the small white are one tube.  It’s super easy to adjust the size based on your wreath.

To attach the flowers to the wreath I used push pins.  I am debating changing up the wreath for summer, so I wanted the flowers easily removed.  This way I can just take them off and add something else for summer.  I found the “M” at my local A.C. Moore and did hot glue that to the bottom.  Even if I change up the flowers, I like the M on the wreath.

To hang the wreath, I took my jute and measured how long I wanted it to hang down, then doubled that length and cut.  Then I tied the two ends together to make a loop.  Then I wrapped the loop around the top and inserted one end into the other.  The loop blends right into the jute wrapped around the wreath and just make sure you position the knot on the back.

I really love the way this wreath came out, and the Hubs was happy see a spring wreath on the door.  With temps feeling more like June and less like March, I’m glad our front door now matches the season.



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