A Bit of a Basket Case – 25 uses for Baskets Around Your Home.

It’s hard not think of baskets when you think of Easter, but honestly, I love baskets year round.   They are functional and attractive, and often a neutral enough color and style that they compliment any decorating style.  They also speak to my particular need when organizing:  “I need to make sure things have a place to go and are contained, but I need to be able to see what it is so I can find it.”  As a result, I am always looking for (a) the right kind of basket to address a need I have and (b) ways to use unique baskets I come across.

Here are (gulp!) 25 ways to use baskets in your home to help contain and display items more functionally, and more attractively:

In the Bathroom:

1. Organize Guest Hand Towels

2. Provide disposable hand towels

3. Magazine collector, next to toilet

4. Display Bath towels – I love my use of a uniquely-shaped basket for this:


In the Kitchen:

5. Holding place for recycling, to bring to your sorting area (mine is in the garage, so, during the course of the day, we can collect everything in one basket on our counter and bring out to sort in one trip.)

6. Collect produce that can store together in a cabinet: Potatoes, onions, garlic, etc.

7. A “Coffee/Tea Station”:  sweetener, honey, teabags, coffee (K-cups, pods, small bags, however your coffee maker works), a few coffee filters, whatever you use for your hot beverage prep, when alone or when guests arrive.

8. Placemat keeper – Store your placemat sets when not in use.  A good use for a long and flat/shallow basket

9. “Grab and Go” basket for eating outside:  a Picnic type basket with plastic or paper plates, plastic utensils, plastic cups, napkins, etc.

In the Bedrooms:

10. Waste basket near the bed

11. Welcome basket for guests in guest room (some nice touches for the visitors: extra toiletries, a guidebook to your town, some spare slippers, maybe even a spare iPhone charger!)


Family Room:

12. Pet Bed – take a large basket and fill with a pillow or fleece blanket

13. Magazine/Newspaper/Book collector


In Your Entry Way or common areas:

14. Instant “to be recycled” spot for junk mail that doesn’t make it into your REAL mail basket

15. The REAL mail basket – to collect the stuff that isn’t junk, before you do something else with it

16. Resting place for keys, phone, etc. – even bore a hole into a side of the basket to run a phone charger through it to turn it into a charging station, as well.

17. Family Organizer – attach baskets to the wall, each person gets their own slot

18. Shoe collector – Place to take off shoes when people arrive, provide slippers for guests to borrow

19. “This Goes Upstairs” basket – a landing place for items to be brought upstairs on your next trip. You can even get a fancy stair-case shaped basket for this!n Here’s the Household Essentials, available on Amazon:


20. Collect gardening tools in one stop (great for baskets that are more plastic than wicker)

21. Protection for plants in the winter – if you have smaller plants that need cover, invert a large basket over them to shelter from the snow.

22. Collect Sandbox or Beach toys – especially good for a basket that has some larger holes, so that sand doesn’t get trapped.


In the Garage/Basement:

23. Tool set for most-used tools-  great for a basket that is taller, has handles.

24. Sewing box for most-used sewing tools and supplies

25. Sports Equipment – Basket of balls, basket of mitts/gloves/helmets, etc. – Easy to toss in when you’re done, easy to grab what you need when you need it.

photo credit: ProtectorofVintage.blogspot.com


And I could easily list another 25, but that seems a bit excessive. :-)

Oh, what I could do with all of this:



Kathy Sig


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