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As I said in our Master Bathroom makeover, we also painted the walls and trim in the Master Bedroom.  Our bedroom is a bit difficult design wise because there is only one full wall in the room.  Two walls each have one window and neither window is centered from the interior, they are centered based on the exterior.  The third wall has the closet door and bathroom door.

So I wanted to at least infuse a bit of decor into the room beyond our bedding and curtains.  I saw several pins on Pinterest of different map art, highlighting favorite states, cities, etc.  I thought that it would be an easy but fun project and a way to put up some personal artwork.

I decided right away we would do three states: Maryland, where I was born and raised, Virginia, where the Hubs was born and raised, where I went to undergrad, and where we live now, and North Carolina, where the Hubs went to college and lived for many years and also where we vacation every Summer in the Outer Banks.  I thought about printing and cutting maps, but decided vintage maps would be fun to use.  I like the idea of the worn, yellowed paper and using something that was historical.  Etsy turned out to be the best place for maps, and I ordered three 1927 maps from Kalamazoo Maps for $7 each, plus shipping (I’m just passing on my vendor, they have no idea I’m doing this).  I also found a three photo frame and decided to wrap the mat in fabric versus the bright white.

I got a half a yard of a beige fabric.  I started by ironing my fabric first, noticing that the middle of the fabric was a bit discolored from being folded, but thankfully I only needed one half of the half yard of fabric.

1. Lay your fabric out on a flat surface (I worked on the floor).  Then overlay your mat and get the right position.  Then cut away the excess.  I cut my fabric in half, then trimmed around the mat, leaving about 1″ on the sides.

2. Reposition your mat on the fabric, and with a pencil, trace the photo openings onto the back of the fabric.  Then take the fabric and cut an “X” in the middle of the holes.  Then lay the fabric and mat back down, making sure the photo openings are pretty much back in the same spot.

3. Start on one side, taping the fabric to the mat.  Since my mat was pretty thin, I used double sided tape to attach the fabric to the mat, you could hot glue if you had a thicker mat.  Work around the mat and then trim any excess fabric.

4. Then cut the fabric “X’s” to the corners of your first photo opening.  Then tape each side and trim the excess.  Repeat for each opening.

5. Then position each map in the opening.  Attach with double sided tape on four sides.  Then repeat for the other two maps.

6. Put the frame back together and admire your work!

I hung ours on the wall of doors between the door to our bedroom and our closet door.  It’s actually in a hard area to photograph with the two windows on the other side. The wall color (Sherwin Williams Savomar Silver) looks true in this photo, but the fabric is lighter in person.

I really liked the way this turned out, especially given the process was pretty simple once I had everything.  I like that It’s artwork with personal meaning, and I like the contrast of the vintage maps with the fabric.  Even the Hubs gave his approval, and he doesn’t always comment on all of my decorating.

Update:  Kalamazoo Maps is graciously offering readers a discount with the code THANKYOU10 and free shipping!  


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  1. I found this while checking on my shop today. Thank you so much for including me on your blog! I’m so glad you were able to do something fun and creative with the maps! I have a coupon code ThankYou10 that I would like to pass on to anyone who reads this blog. Shipping is free now as well!

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