My Pinterest Inspired Nursery

I like to torture myself and DIY anything that I can. When it came to designing my son’s nursery, I never found anything in the stores that I liked, so I decided to make almost everything from scratch. Thanks to Pinterest, I had somewhere to inspire me.

I had started looking for ideas the year before we actually got pregnant and decided that I wanted to do yellow and robin’s egg blue with some other accent colors. I also wanted to do a bird theme because I love birds and I use them for my logo on my personal crafting blog.

I knew I wanted to paint the walls the robins egg blue. It was kind of a scary color at first but once everything went in the room, I was so happy with how it turned out. Then I scoured the craft store for the fabrics to pull everything together. For the most part I found everything in the store, but I had to buy the orange polka dots and our main yellow fabric on-line at Tonic Living.


I debated about doing a mobile but we had decided to make these fabric birds (pattern) anyways. One day while I was sitting at home, I grabbed some extra branches from a vase we had in this room, and threw it together. The balance of a mobile is the tricky thing and I got lucky and it worked the first time. It was fairly easy to put together once I figured out to hang it from the light in the dining room. I just used fishing line that I tied in a few knots around the branch, and hot glued it to the branch. Then I tied and glued a straight pin on the other end and pinned in the bird. I wanted the flexibility to take out the birds once we were done with the mobile.

Name Sign

I wanted to put my son’s name over his crib, like most mothers. I saw a tutorial a few years ago for quilted letters for magnets and decided to use them for this and also made the birds that are holding up his name.

Tree Decal

I loved the idea of painting a tree on the wall since we were having the birds and all, however, since we rent I did not want anything permanent. I started looking around for a decal to buy but could never find one that went with what I was picturing so I decided to make one.  I sketched out the design I wanted and took measurements. I then cut out the tree from contact paper. The major difficulty was crawling around the floor being 6 months pregnant.


I wanted to make the lamp shade match the room. I used some of the fabric that we were using elsewhere. I bought this lampshade at Ikea, cut the fabric so I had enough to fold over on the top and bottom, and glued it on the backside. Make sure you leave the last inch or two open so you can get it to fold over when you build it. Then I added a ribbon border.


My mom and I made all the pillows. We followed a three panel  pattern so that we can change them out if need be and bought the inserts at Ikea. I made one pillow monogrammed with buttons. My mom and I also made the blanket  you see in the picture. The other side is a white minky fabric that is soft.

Wall Art

I wanted to do a collage on the wall above his changing table.  I incorporated embroidery hoops with the fabrics that we used around the room, pictures and a large monogram. The “M” I bought on etsy. The embroidery hoops are pretty self explanatory. With the frames I made two silhouettes of my husband and I from our wedding, some bird pictures and left some blank to put pictures of our son in. The frames are all from Ikea and the matting is just cardstock from the craft store.

I also made these chalkboard embroidery hoops out of chalkboard vinyl.


We decided early on, that we were going to have a breathable bumper for our sons crib, especially since there were no bed sets that we liked anyways.  Not that this is the biggest deal but the problem is, when you think about a nursery, a lot of times the bumper is a major part of what makes up the crib. It is like a bed without pillows. These bumpers come in basic colors that did not fit in with our scheme. My mom and I decided to sew on a border to the bumper that would match the room so we used one of the fabrics we were using for pillows and hoops on the wall.


This was really simple with just a little pocket for the rod and hemming the edges.

Crib Skirt

My awesome friend, Heather made this for me. There is a panel for each side, and the front is one piece made of two large panels and a third smaller one for the middle where there is a pleat.  I got velcro that had one side with sticky back and the other was sew-able. Obviously we stuck the sticky side to the top of the cribs base and sewed the other side to the top of the crib. The tricky part was the corners but Heather is a pro and figured it out.


I made a small wreath for his door. I got a foam wreath form and wrapped it in white yarn. I pinned in one of the birds we made, a small embroidery hoop with our main yellow fabric and made some of these birds nests.

Here are a few overall shots of the room. Ignore the glowing orbs on the ceiling. The room had no overhead lights so we hung some colored paper lanterns but this is how they show up in all the pictures.



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