Pinterest Challenge: Sweet Potato Burger and Puddin’ Poke Cake

I hate meal planning. I love food but when I see a recipe, I get overwhelmed with the ingredients and methods. Plus, I feel like I lack a creativity and just want the same foods over and over again. Pinterest has been a lifesaver because it offers access to so many recipes. I came across this picture of a sweet potato burger with avocados stacked on top of it and knew I had to try it as soon as possible.

It is relatively simple (please follow the link above to the actual recipe). You start with a cooked sweet potato which you peel a mash with 2 cans of drained whine cannellini white beans. You mix in some tahini, maple syrup, flour and any other season that you would like.

Once everything is mixed, make a patty and coat it in panko bread crumbs.

I heated up some coconut oil but other varieties work, then fried the patties. It made 8 for us.

I served it on a wheat bun, topped it with blue cheese crumbles, avocado slices and mustard. So yummy!

Even my little man loved it!

I decided, since that was easy to make, I wanted to make desert as well. I went with an Oreo puddin’ poke cake. I am not a pudding fan but I figured that it could not be bad with a cake.

Again, very easy. You bake a cake, any flavor you like, but since we were doing oreo we went with chocolate cake.

You poke holes all over the cake. Admittedly, kind of fun.

Here is where you mix together the oreo pudding mixture, but we could not find oreo pudding. We improvised and used one box white chocolate and one cheesecake pudding. Then we mixed in some crumbled oreos.

Spread that on top of the cooked cake.

Top with crushed oreos and stick it in the fridge for a few hours. Then serve.

The possibilities are limitless with flavor combos. I did like the crunch of the oreos with this one though. Hope this can inspire you to be a little creative in the kitchen.



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